Ethical Business Compliance Logo Scheme

What is it?

The “Ethical Business Compliance Logo” is a logo licensed by Eucomed which can be obtained by any ABHI company member. The logo is based on the self-certification by the company CEO or managing director that his/her company adheres to the high ethical standards embodied by the ABHI/Eucomed Code of Business Practice. The company certifies that it has implemented the Code within its organisation and has put in place the following elements:

  • written policies and procedures consistent with the provisions of the Code;
  • identification and appointment of a senior contact person within the company responsible for the compliance with the Code and/or the Company's written internal policies and procedures implementing the Code internally;
  • provision of comprehensive and regular training to company employees on the Code or the Company policies implementing the Code internally.

This logo is not intended to certify that the company has an effective compliance program under Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) or any other legislation.

What is its value?

The Ethical Business Logo is a visual sign that displays to stakeholders the commitment of the licensed company to the high ethical standards embodied by the ABHI/Eucomed Code of Business Practice.

It aims at increasing the trust between stakeholders (e.g. healthcare professionals, governments, tendering authorities) and companies. Stakeholders will be confident that they are dealing with a company that maintains high ethical business standards and has an effective compliance programme in place.

The logo intends to support companies to:

  • improve public trust in the MedTech business;
  • become the preferred choice of ethically concerned customers/consumers;
  • attract investments from ethically-oriented investors; 
  • recruit and retain highly principled employees and improving employee morale.

Where can it be used?

 Any company granted the right to use the logo may use it on:

  • Printed or electronic materials such as annual reports, promotional material, business cards, stationery and conference banners and signs; 
  • The company’s website(s).

The logo cannot however be used in a manner or associated with text that implies that ABHI has endorsed or approved any company’s products, technology or individual compliance plans or practices.


 You can request a licence for the Ethical Business Logo if:

  • Your company is a member of ABHI; and
  • Your company has implemented the ABHI standards into the company’s policies; and
  • Your company has an effective compliance programme in place.

Eucomed may check on a yearly basis that certifying companies continue to comply with the criteria required to obtain such Logo. Companies are requested to provide evidence of such.

Application and Costs

Details of how to apply and the cost to companies are set out on the Eucomed’s website.

For more information contact Aline Lautenberg at Eucomed

Logo Scheme Approved Companies

For a list of companies approved under the logo scheme, visit the Eucomed website.