Companies are encouraged to ensure that all their staff are aware of the ABHI Code of Business Practice and in particular where certain sections may apply specifically to their activities.  In addition, companies are strongly encouraged to consider implementing a training programme for their staff.  

A number of training materials are available from MedTech Europe website, including

  • Training video

  • Leaflets for Healthcare Professionals & Healthcare Organisations

  • Training slide decks for legal and compliance professionals and for sales and business representatives

The level and type of training that is suitable for companies and individuals will vary.  Therefore ABHI does not recommend any specific format.  Companies themselves are best placed to decide on their own training requirements; however, ABHI has identified a number of partner training organisations that companies may wish to consider when assessing their needs. Details of these organisations are given below.

i2a logo

i2a works with organisations to translate rules and standards into behaviours.  They specialise in general compliance across organisations, as defined in Codes of Conduct, or equivalent documents but also work in more specialised areas. Further information on i2a.

Kaplan Eduneering

Kaplan Eduneering can provide e-learning on the ABHI Code that is tailored specifically for your company.  In addition, they offer a robust suite of compliance, ethics, and quality training programmes for life science companies.  As a leader in life science learning, they enjoy unique relationships with the US FDA, AdvaMed, DIA, the Personal Care Products Council, and many other organisations. More information on Kaplan Eduneering

Wellards is a leading provider of all aspects of training on the sales environment. provides cutting edge training on everything from the NHS through to business skills, compliance and theatre access. Further information on Wellards

Compliance Hub logo

Compliance Hub is an established provider of training, consultancy and audit services, including SOP development.  Specialists in codes of practice and marketing regulations we offer engaging, customised workshops and on-line courses to support managers, compliance officers, marketers and sales teams. Read more on Compliance Hub.